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    We, at Diseño, are passionate about making art & innovation very easy & fun

    Painting & Drawing Courses

    Descriptive Drawing

    Famous Painters

    Mandala Making

    Screen Printing

    Experimental Watercolor

    Charcoal & Pastel

    Acrylic Painting


    Craft Art Courses

    Paper Sculpture & Quill Art


    Linoleum Printmaking


    Ceramics Coloring

    String Art

    Cooking Art for kids

    Professional Workshops & Seminars

    Paint a Pillow


    Mosaic Art


    Hand Calligraphy

    Art Consultancy




  • What art does for you

    Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. - Thomas Merton


    Learn a new art form & its techniques

    Unwind & Relax from daily stress

    Enjoy the moment

    Boost Concentration

    Focus on the task at hand

    Boost Creativity

    Create something out of nothing

    Express Yourself

    Let go & refocus yourself

    Bond with Others

    Spend time together

  • Who are our courses for?

    Everyone is an artist - Joseph Beuys

    All Kids

    To boost their creativity

    Kids with Difficulty

    Our art targets kids that have problem concentrating, and kids that have a problem expressing themselves


    Art Activities for family-bonding


    Socialize while creating

  • Painting & Drawing Courses

    You’re free to explore and have fun, so show off your talents & nurture them

    Descriptive Drawing

    The Secrets to Drawing

    Unlock your creativity with this descriptive drawing course which is an introduction to free-hand pencil drawing techniques where students practice sketching and acquire sufficient skills and confidence in real-life drawing. Even for the non-artistic!


    Famous Painters

    Enrich your art culture

    Learn to paint and create artistic compositions like the famous art masters in different art mediums. Famous art masters like: Picasso, Matisse, Banksy, Warhol, Delaunay, Miro, Seurat, Dali, Britto, Escher, Hundertwasser...

    Mandala Making

    Forget Yourself & Harness Your Creative Energy

    Mandala Making is an art form that involves the process and connects to the subconscious mind. Students will be taught the basic steps of designing their own mandalas with geometric & organic forms, and the freedom to choose whatever shapes and colors they like. This course will boost their creative thinking.

    Screen Printing

    Experimenting in the Sun

    Screen printing is the most versatile printing technique & expressive new art medium. The course demonstrates how to use this simple & intriguing process to transform original drawings into prints using the solarplate technique on different medium such as paper, fabric, glass, plastic & many other materials.


    Experimental Watercolor

    A Big-time Favorite for Kids

    Watercolor painting is one of the favorite art materials for kids. They get to experiment with it without knowing the final outcome in advance using materials such as salt, glue, wax crayons and tape. This course will teach students watercolor techniques, Other projects involve stamping with watercolors, using spritzers and cutout designs.


    Charcoal & Pastel

    Express in Drawings

    Charcoal drawing is different than drawing with a pencil. It is a form of dry art medium where students will learn the techniques of using vine and compressed charcoal. Through charcoal’s versatile properties, students will explore how to create shadows, depth and dimensions to their drawings.


    Acrylic Painting

    Fun & Non-intimidating

    The goal of the Acrylic painting course is to inspire the creative process where students will be given the perfect balance between technical instruction & creative freedom. Each student will receive individualized attention to select projects that interest them suited to their level.


    Learn to become a real doodler

    Doodling is the spontaneous act of drawing and it is an important artistic outlet for kids which helps concentration, boosts creative thinking and generates ideas. The course will teach kids how to draw doodles: simple expressive drawings generally drawn without removing the pen off of the paper such as instant face expressions, cartoon characters, animals and everyday items.

  • Art Craft Courses

    Our tailored art craft courses are educational, creative and bonding outlets where individuality is encouraged

    Paper Sculpture

    Art Creation with Paper

    The course will teach the art of paper quilling which is an art form that employs the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to master the creation of exquisite two & three-dimensional designs. Step-by-step clear instructions are provided to create fabulous projects developing & training kids’ fine motor & cognitive skills.


    The Art of Folding Paper

    Origami, the art of paper folding to make intricate designs, is making a comeback. They're addictive once you get started and fun to make. A flat sheet square of paper is transformed into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. This art form improves spatial perception, logical & sequential thinking.

    Linoleum printmaking

    Learn a graphical technique

    Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum is used for the relief surface. Tools and carving techniques will be covered within the works of Pop Artists such as Andy Warhol and Banksy.



    The Creation of Shape

    The pottery course for kids and teenagers focuses on creativity and exploring the possibilities of clay which is a wonderful, tactile medium. Students will be guided step-by-step through the processes of using the potters' wheel and thinking about structure, shapes and forms. This boosts child development through creative exploration.


    Ceramics Coloring

    The Art of Having Fun

    The ceramics coloring course for small kids is perfect for introducing them to art since it does not require any prior artistic experience. It offers them a wonderful artistic experience in painting their own ceramics from different pottery pieces each session.

    String Art

    Fun-tastic Art!

    String art uses only nails and a ball of thread to get creative. It is very popular nowadays. Kids and teenagers will find it simple and fun. It offers endless options and is a great way to express their creativity.


    Cooking Art for Kids

    Let's Cook

    The cooking art course for kids is rewarding as a bonding activity and a creative outlet. The course includes kids' recipes that engages them in a fun cookery experience that also helps them make informed choices around food, health and diet. The course is safe, fun and relaxed but also an educational opportunity and sensory exploration.


  • Professional Workshops & Seminars

    We cater for adults who require art workshops to unleash their creativity

    Paint a Pillow

    Create a custom pillow

    In this fun workshop you get to create your own custom designer pillows by painting, using stencils and lettering. It relaxes you from daily stress.


    The Art of Composition

    The photography workshops will help you educate your eye and give you the skills to take successful photos. You will acquire a fundamental understanding of technical aspects & the essentials of pictorial composition to bring the artist within you!

    Mosaic Art

    Experience the Mosaic Process

    This liberating workshop is suited for all levels and covers every step of the creative mosaic process from start to finish, covering the techniques of cutting tesserae & grouting. The class is instructive and easy to understand offering a unique opportunity for individual expression.



    The Patterns of Font

    This workshop teaches typography and includes the conception of ambigrams, the creation of fonts, and the artistic practice of Kufi handwriting which is the oldest calligraphic form of Arabic scripts. The workshop is for all nationalities!

    Hand Calligraphy

    Express the Art of Writing

    This workshop teaches the artistic practice of handwriting and modern calligraphy in the Arabic and English languages. The workshop teaches the use of dip pens, brush pens and stroke practice.


    Hiba Waked

    Hiba is managing Diseño - KSA. She is a graphic designer graduated from the University of the Arts London with a Master’s degree in Graphic Design. She worked as a tutor at several international universities. Her experience gave her insights into creativity and innovation allowing her to design a unique harmony by playing around with type, colors and shapes.


    Tracy Yaacoub

    Tracy is managing Diseño - Lebanon. She is an architect with a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in the UK. She has several years of design experience in Beirut, Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, in addition to teaching at three different universities. All her earned skills, work exposures & passion for traveling are reflected in the ingenuity of her artistic designs.

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